What kind of domain you are providing?

We are providing all kind of Internation Domain like .COM, .IN, .CO.IN, .NET, .ORG

How much time will it take to setup my website?

We will set complete website within 24 hours after payment, you can manage it yourself later. Suppose that you choose our package today they your website will be live tomorrow that is 24 Hours and its maximum time.

What if I have already my domain? Can I still use this product?

Yes you can use our product for your own domain for that you have to just update your DNS with pour hosting server.

Can I use my domain for other hosting provider?

Yes your domain will be yours you can map this with any hosting providers anytime.

Can I use Exioms hosting if I don't use Exioms Sites?

Yes you can upload your own website in our hosting server for that we will provide you FTP so that you can easily upload your website but in that case Exioms Sites will not be part of your website you can't use our Template and modules.

Can I host Exioms Sites on other hosting server

We are not providing this facility so you can't host our CMS on other server if you chose our CMS then it will be hosted only on Exioms Cloud (Rackspace) server.

Can I change my package?

Yes you can upgrade your package anytime just call us our technical team will upgrade your package instantly and you will get upgraded features.

What kind of help I will get?

Our dedicated support team will be there to help you anytime. If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to send them an email at [email protected]